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一个巨蟹座女孩,安静内敛,带点书香,多愁善感,善于洞察别人的心事,偶尔会有让人共鸣的感触,简单,又神秘。 A Cancer girl, who is quiet, introverted and sentimental, has good insight into other people's thoughts, is able to resonate people with her simple and mysterious feelings.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


If the sky was grey, if our love was still here, we would still hold hands together.
I am here, but our happiness has been lost in somewhere.
I will not have all the happiness and the sadness we had in the past any more, who I am still waiting for......
Why I am crying, I know it's because you don't love me any more, but I am still missing you so much, also because that song.
I wanna know how I am going, why I keep laughing so hard when I can't help myself from crying......
I hate my own frangibility, finally, I understand there is no rule in the world of love.

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