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一个巨蟹座女孩,安静内敛,带点书香,多愁善感,善于洞察别人的心事,偶尔会有让人共鸣的感触,简单,又神秘。 A Cancer girl, who is quiet, introverted and sentimental, has good insight into other people's thoughts, is able to resonate people with her simple and mysterious feelings.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Music space

Since I was young, I have always been dreaming to become a singer, just because I love singing, I love listening to the music.

I am crazy with good music, good songs, of course with the singers who interprete good songs in a right way with thier own emotion and feeling, what may surprise you is that I am not a fan of any singers, that means what I evaluate firstly is a song, not a person.

I like a song due to it's own fascination, not simply because it is sung by a particular person. Moreover, I'm sure that music has no national boundaries, we appreciate the diversity!

It is really my pleasure to be able to share with you the world of music, enjoy yourselves, my lovely people!!!!!


  1. the first step for your dream is to post songs sung with your own voice!I know behind you is hidden a great potenciality!So just show us!(hope you'll do it,i would very appreciate it)

  2. Firstly, I wanna thank you, because you are the first visitor who tried to share opinion with me.
    Honestly, I've tried to sing some songs, but I didn't record my voice, what a pity!
    I promise, I'll do it, even though not now, because I'm estremly busy with the preparation for my exams.